Valentine’s Day for Gamers

13 02 2009

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Why not mix it up with gaming?

Blizzard created some wallpapers for the day based on the Zerg, Protoss, and Terran of StarCraft fame. You can get them at the wallpaper page of All three feature a witty line and symbolic construction related to the game. Check out the Terran one for example, which features what looks like a Terran construction in the shape of a heart and the line “Hell, it’s about Valentine”. Read the rest for more on Valentine’s Day and gaming.

Terran Valentine
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Video Game Review Madness

4 02 2009

Ignoring the who came first argument for now, here are two guys who have decided to review video games in a similar style. The style could be summed up as picking apart mostly old games and the heavy use of obscenities. The first is the Angry Video Game Nerd, aka James Rolfe, who tears into old games he considers terrible while incorporating skits into the review. Here is one of his most viewed videos on Youtube, a review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES. Click for the rest of the article!

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More Mario Kart Music and Mayhem

30 01 2009

Here is a collection of Mario Kart inspired videos to check out. Some of these videos are musical, while others focus on physical humor. The first video is by prankster Rémi Gaillard who’s homepage, full of links to his prank videos, can be found here. Click for the rest of the Mario Kart videos.

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Super Street Fighter Action Figures

22 01 2009

I viewed a couple of interesting videos recently relating to the Street Fighter series. Timely, seeing as the release of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix was only a short while ago and Street Fighter 4 is out next month. Click read the rest to check out the videos.

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Mega Man (or Rockman) Mania

1 01 2009

It’s interesting to see peoples creative output inspired by the media in their lives. What is it about a game as simple as Mega Man that inspires people to write songs, rewrite songs, and create entire stop motion worlds for and from Mega Man? Over my absence from semi-regular updates, I watched a number of videos that had their own interpretation of Mega Man. Read the rest to check them out.

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Obama Girl backs “Ackerman” for EA’s Red Alert 3

6 11 2008

A bit late on posting this but I guess it is sort of timely considering the American election was only yesterday. Remember Obama Girl? If not here is a video of her original song “I Got a Crush…On Obama” which has received over 11 million views as of the date of this posting.

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More Gaming in Music – Boy Friends – Illegal Donkey Kong Remix

21 10 2008

Keeping up with last weeks theme, here is another song that uses gaming to draw it’s theme. The song Illegal Donkey Kong Remix looks to have been created for the Youtube series “Boy Friends” by Team Genius. Check out the attention to detail on all fronts and enjoy.

More music from the artist can be found in a project titled “another robot sunset“. The website can be found here.

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