The Death and Re-Birth of Video Games

11 02 2009

Just a quick update this week with something hopefully interesting. Here is a quick example of how video games can live and die through the people who play them.

Here is an image acquired from Kotaku of many copies of the soon to be defunct, due to a low player population, MMORPG Tabula Rasa from NCsoft in the dumpster behind an EB Games in Canada. Read the rest to see how Tribes 2 is being brought back.

Tabula Rasa behind an EB Games Canada

On the notion of Re-Birth, Vivendi’s multiplayer FPS Tribes 2 is experiencing a comeback through its user base. The game has been brought back from the dead after Vivendi shut down the master server required for the games multiplayer matchmaking. TribesNext is a project that has claims to have brought Tribes 2 back with a new automated and secure system for accessing the games multiplayer and all for free. No word on legality though, as Vivendi was once offering Tribes 2 for free back in 2004, but ran out of keys.

TribesNext can be found at

References: Elite Warriors Online, Kotaku, Raze The World, TribesNext




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