More Mario Kart Music and Mayhem

30 01 2009

Here is a collection of Mario Kart inspired videos to check out. Some of these videos are musical, while others focus on physical humor. The first video is by prankster Rémi Gaillard who’s homepage, full of links to his prank videos, can be found here. Click for the rest of the Mario Kart videos.

The second video, by Panda Smash is similar to the Rémi Gaillard video in the sense that the creators attempt to bring Mario Kart into real life, however it sways closer to the realm of physical comedy that would be shared with shows such as Jackass.

Mario Kart: The Rap by goremy is a rap song… about Mario Kart! Check it out.

Finally, back seat gaming leaves you this week with a Mario Kart love song by Youtube user blinktwice4y. The author also provides links to where you can purchase a copy of the song on the videos Youtube page here.




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