Super Street Fighter Action Figures

22 01 2009

I viewed a couple of interesting videos recently relating to the Street Fighter series. Timely, seeing as the release of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix was only a short while ago and Street Fighter 4 is out next month. Click read the rest to check out the videos.

The first video titled “Stop Fighter 2” made by Jacob Karsemeyer and Sam Klass, in what seems like a submission for the website (sorry if I am wrong), follows along the lines of one of the Mega Man videos shown previously on this blog. It is a stop motion animation that follows two guys whose copy of Super Street Fighter 2 has broken down. To substitute the game, the guys use Street Fighter action figures which come to life via stop motion.

The second video titled “Youtube Street Fighter” submitted by Youtube user PatrickBoivin follows a similar path by using Street Fighter figures. In this video however, the video uses buttons embedded in the video to allow you to progress through the fight as you see fit.

References: Kotaku – Street Fighter: Stop Motion Street Fighter, Kotaku – Ready, Fight!: Play Street Fighter With Toys Via Youtube




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