“bob’s game” Developer Protesting for a Dev-Kit

7 01 2009

Bob, creator of bob’s game, needs a development kit for the Nintendo DS to finish the game he has created. Nintendo won’t give him one. According to Destructoid, Robert has spent 5 years developing the game on his own and taught himself how to do so.

On the homepage for the game, Bob outlines the controversy in full detail, noting correspondence with Nintendo that left Bob feeling ignored when they ceased responding. Now Bob has taken to locking himself in a room with his development tools and having food delivered once a week by his friend in order to sway Nintendo to move on the issue.

His site features a streaming update of images of his computer desk, details of his condition, details of the strike, and details of the game itself. As well, the site features regular news updates from Bob himself. Some of the post can be read as egotistical, such as the January 6th 2009 post where Bob claims he is a better developer than some of the industries greats combined. However, it is hard to tell if these posts are in jest. He is however receiving mixed comments on his YouTube page and on his video posts that cover the whole spectrum of positivity and negativity.

Below is the trailer for “bob’s game

References: What IS “bob’s game”?, Destructoid




One response

10 01 2009

What he said was downright freaky man! Nintendo should have gave him the SDK.
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