Gaming in Music – Basshunter – DotA

10 10 2008

Here is a music video that has over eight million hits on Youtube on the original video alone. What is strange however is the subject matter of the music video. The song revolves around the game Defense of the Ancients (DotA) which is a custom scenario for the Blizzard computer game Warcraft 3 available for PC and Mac. Click read the rest to see the videos.

Above is the original video for Basshunter‘s – Vi sitter i Ventrilo och Spelar DotA, or DotA for short. The video makes no effort to hide the fact that it is centered around the Warcraft 3 scenario. A translation is also included for the Swedish vocals in this version of the video.

Apparently another version of the video was made that is more narrative driven and features more polish, which can be viewed below.

Click here for more information on the Basshunter song “Vi sitter i Ventrilo och Spelar DotA“.
As well, you can click here for further information on DotA for Warcraft 3 from Wikipedia.




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