Rest Here, Pac-Man

1 10 2008

Those of us who grew up with video games may have a general shared consensus of what constitutes “gaming furniture”. I would imagine that most of you who are gamers and not heavily into home decor would first think of those low rocking chairs which possibly incorporate some form of speaker setup.

For the more refined taste, Italian company QAYOT have designed seating that takes gaming furniture to the next level. The Poufman is a seating set designed in the image of Pac-Man as well as one of the pellets from the game. The website for the seating shows off a multitude of colors, however as I an unable to read Italian I cannot make any promises on the details, although Kotaku states that the seating is stain resistant. found the price quoted at €998


To see even more of some of the more interesting gaming furniture, checkout Kotaku’s furniture tag.

References: Gizmodo, Kotaku,
Image obtained from: QAYOT




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