Gaming Culture and The Rainbow Road

24 09 2008

You’ll have this song stuck in your head, and for that I am sorry.

With this I hope to begin a regular look into some of the lighter aspects of gaming culture to explore how gaming is appropriated to create something that resonates with gaming audiences and is then reincorporated into gaming culture.

I now present to you, Rainbow Road by Rhymes With Stomach.

For anyone who has played Mario Kart they probably are familiar with Rainbow Road, a very colorful end level that is floating in space. Rhymes With Stomach has taken a humorous approach similar to the comedy of Tim and Eric as pointed out in numerous Youtube comments, and made an absurd song about the track.

Aside from the humorousness of the video itself, what is interesting is the response gamers have taken to the video as it has been featured in many gaming related blogs and forums. The official video has now received close to 500k views on Youtube. As well, others have created works generated from the content of Rainbow Road, such as the “Rainbowroll”. A play on the Rainbow Road short and the “Rick Rolling” phenomenon. (Note: The link leads to Wikipedia and is not a “Rickroll”)

While some continue in the spirit of humor, others have actually taken to remixing the song, such as one individual who remixed the vocals into the Nintendo Wii version of the Rainbow Road music.

While Rainbow Road was a very short lived incident in video gaming culture, for this blog it may serve as an introduction to the humorous aspects of gaming culture.




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